Kernow ear Health is all about providing the most expert and experienced ear wax removal at the very best price. Not only do we perform modern micro-suction we also provide expert advice on hearing and ear care..

Our fees reflect our ethos of fairness and value: if you don't need any wax removed then you don't pay for any wax removal, if you only need one ear cleared then you only pay for one ear (many others charge the full amount regardless of your need)! Furthermore, if you need to return to have the job completed (let's suppose the wax build-up is so significant that it couldn't be done in one visit), then any follow up visits are free (you only pay once for the job to be completed where other providers charge for return visits).

Each visit has a small £15 base charge. This covers the consultation (examination of the ears) and expert advice. We are not affiliated with any hearing aid company or any audiology service provider, so the advice you get is completely open, honest and unbiased.

Zoe Tayler - Registered Nurse

I have been a qualified nurse since 1987, having trained and qualified in Bath and practicing in Somerset and Herefordshire. In 2006 I moved to New Zealand with my two young children, working as a practice nurse in Waikanae. While in the role I developed a passion for ear health and trained to do microsuctioning. I went on to establish a very successful clinic in the practice and trained several other nurses in the same role. Subsequently, I set up my own thriving ear microsuction business covering the whole Wellington region, and had contracts with large nursing homes around the area.

I moved back to England in 2016, settling in St Columb Cornwall. After allowing time to adapt to a new life in this beautiful part of the world, I decided to set up my own business once again. I am pleased to be able to offer this service to the community and look forward to meeting everyone.


Zoe Tayler